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Dec 2016
Kapil Dutta
Dec 02 2016 07:25
@evaristoc here you go
Dec 02 2016 15:15
@a-2252 I will check that one!
@duttakapil thanks for sharing! I will contact you later for more details about your project, looks very interesting for a personal initiative!
Dec 02 2016 15:15
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Hèlen Grives
Dec 02 2016 19:04
@evaristoc that means cross posting between the chatrooms and the forum? Is the forum supported by one of these forum apps? I'll have a look later.
Dec 02 2016 20:59


It is just a suggestion. The idea is to bring part of the excellent material that it is being produced through this channel to other FCC users that are active in other channels but are unaware or not interested in joining the DataScience room, but are still interested in Data Science topics.

I made a test with a topic for a discussion and it didn't work, it seems forum is not currently an audience for that.

I researched a bit more and got the impression that the best could be to post about books/courses we have already read/taken. If you or anyone takes the initiative of posting in the forum I suggest to keep the hashtag #DS (DS = DataScience) so we can easily find our contributions to the forum.

It could turn out that the only channel for nice material and topics in DataScience is this channel though ;) . It could be a bit of duplication too... I don't know...

I like our DataScience room...

Alice Jiang
Dec 02 2016 21:53
I have been given the task of visualizing some data for a non-profit and one of the things they sent us was a 9 page document filled with pie charts. And to add insult to injury, several of the pie charts include 7+ 1% slices :'(
I feel personally attacked :'(
Dec 02 2016 21:56
@a-2252 parse it with python :D
Eric Leung
Dec 02 2016 23:38
@evaristoc I like the idea of having some area to keep notes on great topics or resources that are mentioned in this room. We can see if the forum pans out as a place of interest.