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Dec 2016
Omidiora Samuel
Dec 13 2016 11:27
Please who has an idea of building a Data mangement platform for advertising like adobe audience
Dec 13 2016 13:59

@samparsky interesting... I don't think there are people here with experience building a similar application? This a kind of a big project to be honest.

I have been analysing the case for FCC though. I made a proposal for something similar some time ago.

I kept the project on-hold for technical reasons and currently the data management is more scattered, although no silos exists.

One of the issues I have personally facing is how to get data from the different APIĀ“s of the different media campers are using. The API's are becoming restrictive, you have to pay for premium offers to enjoy access to more relevant information.

Then there is a question of data matching. Users of different platforms are registering using different mechanisms that make the tracing of the users difficult.

For any plan you could have about building a customised application, please consider those issues and try to find appropriate solutions. They could represent serious bottlenecks for your application to work efficiently and realiably.

Anyway contact me if you think you still want to try?

Dec 13 2016 22:10


I went to meetups... Journalism+Code; Online Start-ups pitches

The introduction talk started being a more philosophical question about the Death of Journalism and the lost of credibility. An invitation to re-invent the journalist-being into a believer and doer and not a simple fact-provider. Forget the audience, just communicate the "Truth".

Not that credible the introduction, :) , but the guy had a point. Hard to oppose the accepted paradigm that it is not just about communicating but also engaging the specific interests of specific audiences. Facts are not enough: fake news also sell well. And not forget the Dark Shadow of the Corporatism.

Then it came the turn for coders to ask what the programming problem was. The few journalists there suggested several ideas. Most of them were more about day-to-day solutions. A more radical view was a call to hacking bad guys to get info to report.

The information and the people there were very interesting, really. This one remains as a possible on-going project. Let's see: they were taking notes...

Online Start-ups pitches:
Excellent. Some of them offered interesting simple solutions. One was coincidentally about a journalist group that was approaching the audience and designing the communication and content strategy using similar approach to those for Website Optimisation.

The winning projects consisted in innovative approaches, adopting AI and implementing some kind of search engines or messaging. So that is: many people are backing:

  • new ways to solve problems and formulate products,
  • using smart solutions and better if specific,
  • and bringing some order to the Ocean of Information.

Without neglecting the power of the old school solutions (eg. oil industry or the fact that one of the Forbes' richest man is a mere retailer), when it comes to online it seems that using all tools available to solve an apparently simple issue counts...

Was it Richard Branson? Something like: "Any person can create difficult things. You have to be brilliant to create simple things that sell".

Dec 13 2016 22:17
I hate Richard Branson....
Or whoever said that...