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Dec 2016
Alice Jiang
Dec 19 2016 20:23
I need to recommend something better than Microsoft's DS curriculum to someone and "literally any other curriculum" feels like an unprofessional non-profit answer. The Udacity Data Analyst and ML Engineer tracks have pretty good courses, anyone else have a free online curriculum they'd suggest for absolute beginners starting from 0?
Non-answer. Idk what happened there...
Dec 19 2016 20:41
@becausealice2 We are processing your question with a ML program...
The MOOC's are always the best one, @becausealice2. I would at the moment try edX, coursera, or any other university-based MOOC program instead.
There is someone who also made a research and suggested his picks of what the best ones could be and wrote articles about that in the medium publication of FCC. Example:
Alice Jiang
Dec 19 2016 20:55
Thanks, I'll look