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Dec 2016
Alice Jiang
Dec 28 2016 19:37
The Succinctly series by Syncfusion. Quick sign up, always free. I've worked with and attended lectures by the author of R succinctly. Cool guy. Excellent teacher. :)
(Syncfusion works with Microsoft products so there's a Microsoft bias)
Dec 28 2016 19:46
thanks @becausealice2 !
Dec 28 2016 19:46
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Hèlen Grives
Dec 28 2016 19:56
Hmm just analysing my tweets; scored highly analytic - yeah; but also distant/arrogant pff. But my political opponent not that impressive and low analytic tweets ( big data revelations) next stop text/discourse analysis. Learning by doing. I am still looking for good tools for sentiment analysis.
It would be interesting to find out how to influence sentiment. Like SEO it must be possble (small research detour)
Dec 28 2016 21:48
People... I hope you are having all a nice Christmas...