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Jan 2017
Bunny Vishal
Jan 06 2017 08:49
Hello guys, I wanna tell you one thing. If you can't find a source to learn React or javascript or d3 any thing you can get awesome courses at pluralsight. I'm not promoting pluralsight .. it is actually a paid one. But there is a way to pluralsight for 3 months for free. First signup a microsoft account, then go to this page . and click join or access now, then you get some cool things for free. among them there will be pluralsight 3months subscription. click on activate then you will be taken to a pluralight page. just give name and email. thats it . you got a free pluralsight account for 3 months for free. And I'm not working for pluralsight . I am a camper and want other campers to get learning resources for free. you can check my profile at
Hèlen Grives
Jan 06 2017 17:50
I am again swimming against the current of AI; As my senses get stronger I see more paradoxical Black Swans swimming my way. Google is not aware enough as it returns poorly matches. Or how to find the hidden, non existant. Black Swan Hunter :smile: :fire:
Joe Narvaez
Jan 06 2017 21:32 |
I did that a year ago
now I'm into rap music instead