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Feb 2017
Feb 08 2017 07:25
@erictleung thanks!
Feb 08 2017 07:25
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Hèlen Grives
Feb 08 2017 11:09
anyone has an idea how to tackle a broken system? When trouble with packages and the following trouble shooting; I often find myself with a broken system. I just wonder how people deal with that in an production environment?
Feb 08 2017 19:59

@mesmoiron I don't have much experience in production; I would normally choose at least one of the following:

  • swear; it is great, believe me, but doesn't work anyway
  • pray (good for your soul; might not have immediate effect)
  • stackoverflow
  • try try try until the problem magically solves

I think in production they do more or less the samething but in small groups...