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Feb 2017
Feb 11 2017 05:51
I am new to scraping and do not want to get side tracked from things I am working on, but for the project I am working on, it would be nice to know some web scraping. I am trying to download hundreds of .xls files from a password protected website and so far I have looking into ParseHub and Would this be wise to invest time into these platform or should I invest time in learning to scrap this password protected website with R( R is my working language)
Hèlen Grives
Feb 11 2017 10:16
@blsingh it depends highly on how much you need it. I have asked myself this question quite often. Sometimes download is easier than scraping. However hundreds of files means at sometime you need to do the hard work and learn to do it. You can do a two track approach. Some manual while at the same time learning to setup the basic scraping template. The most work goes to selecting the appropriate selectors. Drilling down the html tags. I use both R and Python and it depends on intuition. Some things I like to do in R and other things I prefer to do in Python.