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Feb 2017
Eric Leung
Feb 14 2017 01:38 UTC
@cuent here's some more discussion on using numeric and categorical data. In this post on the thread, the person suggest to do a one-hot encoding of your variables so that you can use k-means and PCA. This sounds like a good choice so you don't have to stray too far from established methods. But then again, you'll have to change the encoding of your variables, which might take you a while depending on your data wrangling skills.
Albert Jonathan
Feb 14 2017 07:48 UTC
@apottr Ahh okay. Thanks for the info, Amel!
Feb 14 2017 07:48 UTC
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Hèlen Grives
Feb 14 2017 09:08 UTC
@mohit16 just scroll through Coursera and Edx and take one of the introductionary courses. Don't forget to take statistics 101! Without sound reasoning data science is bogus. One can always lie with numbers and algo's. John Hopkins, Wesleyan, Stanford, Harvard etc. You can't miss
Xavier Sumba
Feb 14 2017 22:42 UTC
@erictleung @apottr Thanks, working on it!
Feb 14 2017 22:42 UTC
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