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Mar 2017
Benny Thompson
Mar 11 2017 13:33
Sounds like this is the place to ask for an API key. Is that something someone can help me with?
Jeremiah Wise
Mar 11 2017 17:34
Good Morning, we are looking to get API keys to do a group project for Houston free code camp meet-up.
Eric Leung
Mar 11 2017 17:41
@bennythomps @rugby8724 hey there! Unfortunately, I think the API is yet to be fully developed and is on hold as other work has taken priority.
Jeremiah Wise
Mar 11 2017 17:43
thanks @erictleung
Mar 11 2017 17:43
rugby8724 sends brownie points to @erictleung :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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