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Mar 2017
Eric Leung
Mar 17 2017 00:18
Live stream of "On the State of Deep Learning with Ian Goodfellow, Andrew Trask, Siraj Raval and the Udacity Team" on Friday 6 pm PST (Saturday 2:00 UTC)
Hèlen Grives
Mar 17 2017 15:02
@erictleung nice; will check them later. For now I'm re-installing my laptop to a minimal working environment.
Mar 17 2017 19:06
uh... yea jim sent me.... said someone here can give me a key? So how do I go about getting this key. I am really new and super new to API's so be gentle.
Mar 17 2017 19:12
So I see some messages saying that the API is on hold. Does this mean there will be no keys today? If so, an kind of ETA on when I should check again?
Mar 17 2017 23:38
Hi friends
I'm going to learn Big Data
Introduce good resources in this area
Thank you