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Apr 2017
Albert Jonathan
Apr 05 2017 04:40 UTC

Need suggestion:
I am trying to find an idea for my first data science project using data from government of South Korea, but I am having trouble to generate a specific question because most of question I think is general. For example, since entertainment companies in Korea are getting bigger, would growth in entertainment affects the overall Korea growth especially number of international students or tourist? Do you have a suggestion or tips for me to create exploratory or inferential question?

I am learning about data science from this book:

Apr 05 2017 07:07 UTC

@albert2309 the book seems to be a good one.

It is hard to suggest ideas without looking at the data but for your project the question you are asking seems to be a good one. Although it might appear obvious, it is not a trend that you might quickly expect at SK, so it is worth looking.

If you are learning, I would say: keep it simple. I think you are on a good track.

Albert Jonathan
Apr 05 2017 10:41 UTC

@evaristoc The book is quite different compared to books that you have shared in here since it focuses on planning rather than implementing or understanding a theory.
Yeah, I am still looking for the data which represents the entertainment industry in South Korea, but number of tourist should be easy to find since it's often reported in mainstream media.
It's actually trending in most Asia countries but still not significant to notice in global scale unless you live in Asia for many years.

Thank you :) I am trying to keep my project simple, but sometimes I ended up finding a new question instead because the lack of latest data, especially if I am working in developing countries like my hometown in Indonesia. So that's why I chose South Korea instead because they have relatively huge data and even open API (I never used it but the SK government website states they have open APIs) Most of my friends are huge fan of South Korea pop culture, so at least I can ask one or two about South Korea.

Apr 05 2017 10:41 UTC
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