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Apr 2017
Eric Leung
Apr 09 2017 02:27 UTC
17 Essential Machine Learning books suggested by Michael I. Jordan from Berkeley. Not sure how real those suggestions are but nonetheless a nice list of books to reference, mainly probability, optimization, and statistical inference books.
Apr 09 2017 18:59 UTC
Someone passed me this link about stream graphs for visualizations. Very useful:
@erictleung :+1:!
Alice Jiang
Apr 09 2017 22:54 UTC
I recommend this book for helping with visualization. It keeps explanations generic enough that they can be applied for use with your chosen technologies, and helped me improve my own work enough that I've accidentally become a local go-to teacher for explanatory visualization.
I got most of my viz pet-peeves from there, as well, so there's that...
Also: The hard copies have had bad reviews for poor print quality on amazon, I suggest the e-book which also includes some helpful links
oh, hey! There's an explanation for the bad print quality
Apr 09 2017 23:07 UTC
this looks great, thanks @becausealice2
Apr 09 2017 23:07 UTC
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