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May 2017
May 02 2017 09:47
Hello Everyone, I plan to do a project on pattern recognition for stock markets
any pointers?
May 02 2017 09:53
I have the complete requirements, but the question is which DB to use, which programing language to use
has anyone done anything similar?
May 02 2017 10:01

Hi @all:


For an interview with a well known US news paper, @QuincyLarson is urged to have a first estimate of the number of FCC campers that had no experience in Software Development before joining FCC.

We assume that that information can be extrapolated from the 2016 and 2017 New Developer Surveys. If we can get a proportion for those two years of those inexperienced users compared to those who admitted having experience before, we can use that information to get an estimate based on FCC database.

The data should be ready between today and tomorrow the latest? The data has been previously analysed in R, Matlab, python and even spreadsheets.

If you want to start working on this the first contact point is @erictleung. I will also be around for help. Hope to hear from some of you.

Alice Jiang
May 02 2017 13:41
Today is a travel day for me or I would help. Good luck everyone!