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May 2017
Quincy Larson
May 11 2017 00:33
@honmanyau excellent work on that graph. I've tweeted it from freeCodeCamp's account and retweeted it from my own:
Honman Yau
May 11 2017 01:53
@evaristoc It's absolutely no problem and many apologies for not being able to reply earlier (I'm a little behind sechedule for the second certificate so I wanted to finish another project and completely holed myself up)! I'm glad that you found the description eventually! d:
@QuincyLarson Thank you very much! It's a little stressful I must say since I haven't quite done anything like this before. Time to get back to the curriculum again! d:
May 11 2017 01:56
honmanyau sends brownie points to @quincylarson :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 1288 | @quincylarson |
May 11 2017 02:06
it awesome @QuincyLarson
Quincy Larson
May 11 2017 06:30
@honmanyau your visualization has been well received on Twitter. Keep up the great work :)
May 11 2017 10:28
Hello i have a question:
What's the easy way to sraping insurtech souscription data for the french market ?
with a google sheet i through =IMPORTXML something else .?