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May 2017
Conrad Kay
May 20 2017 01:46 UTC
having trouble with d3
my code is:
    const dataset = [12, 31, 22, 17, 25, 18, 29, 14, 9];"body").selectAll("h2")
      .text("New Title");
May 20 2017 08:58 UTC


I have been taken a couple of Specializations in Coursera recently. One of them is a course I attended back in 2013, now a paid course. Excellent, about Recommender systems.

Well: to my surprise, the two courses, both ranging from good to excellent, are ALMOST EMPTY. And NO-ONE is attending them.

I have been advocating the online training for a long while since 2013 and have been writing in the Data Science Room about the opportunities in the sector, but this finding is remaining that it is not an easy road. Apparently quality is not enough. I suspect mentorship neither. And for what I have seen in other platforms like edX, I suspect other online platforms are following the same route.

It is interesting because it seems that Udacity and then Udemy (not an academic platform) look like healthy programs. I honestly don't have an explanation to what it is happening currently at Coursera at the moment.

This doesn't apply strictly to the FCC model, which is very much another thing.

Here an article about the potential failure of MOOCs, I couldn't find the date.

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May 20 2017 10:27 UTC
@evaristoc , @PunkDado I can contribute towards building the maps in D3js once the data is ready (for world distribution of respondents based on programming and job experience). Do let me know how you'd want me to proceed. Am intermediate with js/html/css but a newbie at d3js.
May 20 2017 16:53 UTC
@satendrra thanks! that or probably another project. Sorry I haven't contacted you. I already had an idea that I wanted to discuss with you. Give me until tomorrow?
May 20 2017 16:53 UTC
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