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May 2017
May 22 2017 12:53 UTC
@evaristoc hey sorry for the late reply. Its not urgent on my list of stuff to do.. i have a large amount of UI/UX training to at least try and get halfway through first before i start looking this. most of my observations of issues have been through what i have seen as the main complaints and poking around the site. i found the gitter archives.. with another camper we are probably going to use MS PowerBI to sort through and graph out the data that we find... but like i said its super low priority right now
May 22 2017 17:17 UTC
@mstellaluna thanks! No problem. In any case let us know about anything you find?
May 22 2017 17:17 UTC
evaristoc sends brownie points to @mstellaluna :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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May 22 2017 17:25 UTC
@evaristoc sure :)
Eric Leung
May 22 2017 21:45 UTC