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May 2017
May 25 2017 09:04

@ridaamine the graph is not determining parameters, but trends. In fact, not really that it is not telling you which parameters: you have to understand the GEOMETRY of the oscillation and try to answer it. YOU have to find the right answer to THAT trend, adding the right formula that bring that trend to a random one.

Actually, it could be an iterative process: after adding some solution for THAT specific trend you showed me, you might have to evaluate for other different lags and see if no other periodic oscillations appears (NOTE: can be NON-periodic too! Much harder to deal with). If so, you must add another terms to your formula. You have to repeat the process until you have get rid of all "oscillations" so what you get from those charts is always a random trend (there should be a way to evaluate that randomness, right now I don't remember).

Hope this helps.

@PunkDado :+1: !
May 25 2017 09:28
@PunkDado Oh, OK. I have just started playing around with the data to familiarize myself with d3. But since the whole dataset is too big maybe we can work together on your sub-datasets (when you are for generating them).
@evaristoc if you can share what kind of data visualization you have in mind for 2017 code survey, I can start looking into it.
@PunkDado *when you are done generating them.
Eric Leung
May 25 2017 09:56
For people playing around with the 2017 survey data, I've created a pull request on the freeCodeCamp/2017-new-coder-survey#6 with a data dictionary and code used to generate the combined data. Feel free to take a look and comment on it if you have any questions. @QuincyLarson should be merging it in soon.
May 25 2017 11:17
@erictleung thanks!
May 25 2017 11:17
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May 25 2017 11:19
hello world!
Alice Jiang
May 25 2017 15:11
@chilusoft Hello! Welcome :D
May 25 2017 16:42
a question guys i want to do some LSTM RNNs (preferably with java/scala) are there any good libraries you can point me to and some tutorials on how to build LSTM model for time series prediction
May 25 2017 16:58
@ridaamine hope this helps
Leonardo Raduy Lemos
May 25 2017 18:08
hi, @satenndrra, @evaristoc . Just pushed data about the country of citizenship to my repo.
@satenndrra, do you think you can do anything with this file in d3.js?
Leonardo Raduy Lemos
May 25 2017 18:14
@evaristoc, my first cool finding is that just 18% of the developers who take FCC as resource are from US vs. 30% of the total respondents. This highlights an opportunity for FCC to catch more non-developers outside US.
@evaristoc: Yet, the number of countries of citizenship increased from 167 to 182 from 2016 to 2017, and the rate of US citizens decreased from 38 to 30%.
@chilusoft , Hello!
May 25 2017 19:16
@ridaamine @apottr's suggestion is a good choice for Java. By the way: did you solve the problem you posted? How?
May 25 2017 19:47


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Here the article. I think you must login to your linkedin account (if you have one) to see the short review: