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Jun 2017
Harshit rathod
Jun 30 2017 06:53
Anyone know free or cheap GPU provider to train model containing Images?
Alice Jiang
Jun 30 2017 14:34
AWS has a free tier and in my experience isn't very expensive once you exceed that free tier
abtak mustapha
Jun 30 2017 17:23
does any one here work on beta.FCC tests
Hèlen Grives
Jun 30 2017 18:24
@mustapha88 no sorry; I'm currently exploring computer vision
Jun 30 2017 18:25


For those working on d3:
Eric Leung
Jun 30 2017 18:42
@evaristoc nice! :+1:
Jun 30 2017 18:50
this looks cool, thanks @evaristoc
Jun 30 2017 18:50
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Jun 30 2017 23:33
@evaristoc those are some fascinating visualizations, thanks.
I want to see if I could repurpose this for computer networks, since you could represent them as a DAG in some cases as well
with the network nodes as vertices and links as edges.
Jun 30 2017 23:33
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