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Jul 2017
Nishant Suman
Jul 06 2017 07:03
Hello Everyone, I am trying to build a neural network model to classify books on category and sub-category based on their name. So far I have 60K data in a dataset. All these data belong to science or engineering category. I want versatile data for all categories and subcategories. So, where would I get data for that??
Jul 06 2017 07:13
@Nishant23 Hello, did you need data to classify the books into categories? Sorry was confused as you said you already had data..
Nishant Suman
Jul 06 2017 07:36
@Simmonds14 Yeah I need to classify books into categories and sub-categories. I have data but it is only for Science or Enginnering related books. I need a dataset to cover all aspects of categories like Arts, Finance etc.
Jul 06 2017 09:05
@Nishant23 I'm not sure of a single source to find such data, I don't know if there's websites that house information like that. I did a quick google and found this: it has 18.4million book titles..
Nishant Suman
Jul 06 2017 10:12
@Simmonds14 Thanks a lot.. :smile:
Jul 06 2017 10:12
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Jul 06 2017 14:39
i don't think you need a neural network for this
it sounds like a basic frequency analysis + clusters problem
Blake Harris
Jul 06 2017 20:41
looking to get an api key - where do i need to do that nowadays
Quincy Larson
Jul 06 2017 20:54
Hi everyone, a student wrote his graduate thesis about our 2016 new coder survey! Here it is in its entirety.
Information Systems Dissertation M Lane.pdf
Mat Lane
Jul 06 2017 22:05
Hi @QuincyLarson , that would be me 😉