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Jul 2017
Eric Leung
Jul 19 2017 00:08
@sservaes welcome! Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to share any data science insights you find :smile:
Jul 19 2017 03:36

@/all hey data enthusiasts, I'm preparing a series of short videos on topics like statistics, data science, and data engineering for freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel. There are a ton of topics to cover, and I could use your help. We need to:

  • decide what topics to cover
  • write basic talking points for these topics
  • actually record them using a whiteboard, screencast, green screen, or some combination of these.

It will be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. And it will be a great portfolio item to point to on your resume. All of the major contributors to freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel have said that being able to point to their videos - with their thousands of views - was instrumental in successfully landing their developer jobs.

freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel gets about 1,000 new subscribers a day and is quickly becoming one of the biggest programming YouTube channels.

Who's with me?

How's this turn out?

Eh ... Where's his name?
oh, it's @erictleung you
Been a few months since I've been in here.
  • Old Draft from ?? when ?? -
    @evaristoc I ran into an issue with the GitterRooms NPM ... I'm not sure where to create the file mentioned; as well it says there's a .JSON(?) missing - seems the same now; however, might be different. Loaded the .log into the PM - Would like to see it; Screenshots to Git.
    Let's say I've got "100" rooms; because I'm an info addict... do I:
  • Use their web app
  • Use their desktop app
  • Find an alternative
    ... Feature and UI / UX mappings ...
    Now; how do I decide?
    I'm 3 days in and it doesn't do something
    That's a draft
Eric Leung
Jul 19 2017 04:02
@NDuma hey there! Yeah, I would like to still make videos. For now, I'm trying to work on the content or notes on machine learning. There's a repository where we can contribute content on machine learning and data science ( That's where I'll be working on.
Jul 19 2017 04:09
Eric Leung
Jul 19 2017 19:51
Course on numerical linear algebra that seems fun and applied