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Jul 2017

@shivakrishna9 event prediction? As in essentially "survival analysis" for some disease incidence based on IC9 codes? Survival analysis might imply "death" or "survival" events, but it's applicable to just event data

Survival analysis is a branch of statistics for analyzing the expected duration of time until one or more events happen (Wikipedia)

@bhavaniDutta clustering doesn't work too well for categorical data, but according to this answer, you might want to try k-modes, which is a variant of the well-known clustering algorithm k-means clustering. I haven't not implemented this before, but seems promising. Good luck!
Eric Leung
Jul 23 2017 15:55
If anyone happens to be a faculty member at a PhD granting university and needs money to fund a data science project, Amazon has research awards for machine learning proposals. Even if you're not, you can take a look at their focus areas to see what kinds of machine learning and data science topics Amazon is interested in funding :wink: