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Jul 2017
Jul 30 2017 00:06
hello world!
Ronique Ricketts
Jul 30 2017 00:07
Hello human. :trollface:
Timothy Javins
Jul 30 2017 00:33
Jul 30 2017 01:31
Hey everyone! Looks like an awesome group! Currently, I'm about to launch a large scale survey using Typeform and I discovered a flaw that may force me to use another platform. I would love some advice! Typeform does not seem to have a way to prevent users from going back to questions they already answered and changing their answers, making screeners and logic paths useless. How significant do you think this is, in terms of collecting accurate survey data?
@aadesignux Perhaps you should pose your question to some people on Twitter. @becomingDataSci is one. You can find many others by looking at show notes on