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Sep 2017
Sep 13 2017 12:14
@becausealice2 good point! Don't remember one though. Just let me know when you have a draft if you need someone to comment?
Alice Jiang
Sep 13 2017 14:05
Eric Leung
Sep 13 2017 17:35
@evaristoc might be better than some of the voice bots that we're met with from some companies :smile:
@becausealice2 same with @evaristoc , I don't think I've come across any pet peeves with "how to DS" articles. I'll keep an eye out for it if I come across any of them and let you know.
Eric Leung
Sep 13 2017 18:40
Cheatsheet for the R package caret (think similar to scikit-learn but for R)