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Oct 2017
Arun Kumar
Oct 01 2017 02:07
@mcbarlowe thanks. Plz share more such links. If possible can u email me those links at
Oct 01 2017 02:07
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Mayank Mittal
Oct 01 2017 07:42
Hi has anyone worked on accessing WPS datasets using python?
Shobhit Jain
Oct 01 2017 19:03
Thanks @mcbarlowe @erictleung
Oct 01 2017 19:03
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Eric Leung
Oct 01 2017 19:14
@gmayank32 sorry, I don't have any experience on that. What is WPS data?
D├ęborah Mesquita
Oct 01 2017 20:06
Hello everyone, do you remember the datataset with facebook posts that Quincy shared with us? I'm planning to build something in order to classify the post titles in categories, the corpus is pretty small but I think it's a good opportunity to try something new :P I found this cool project while searching for inspiration: