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Oct 2017
Nirmal Raisoni
Oct 05 2017 08:19
@evaristoc sure, thanks for help and let me check the URL
Oct 05 2017 08:19
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Oct 05 2017 18:49
proprietary data shouldnt make you feel insecure, its not better than you.
Alice Jiang
Oct 05 2017 19:53
I kNow it's not better than me. I just don't feel comfortable surrounded by exclusivity and elitism
Eric Leung
Oct 05 2017 22:12
@chessybo @becausealice2 they definitely feel isolated to me. However, someone did make a point to me about these proprietary software and data. If you have knowledge about them, then you'll be more in demand because of your knowledge and skills (Lol that does sounds super elitism :smile: ). However, with these proprietary systems, you do get standardization of knowledge and skills, which may be appealing to employers wanting their hires to do a specific thing.