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Oct 2017
Inziya Dossa
Oct 06 2017 04:24
Hey guys! Just wanted to ask that how ML can be applied in making a satellite? Like programming and stuff?
Shobhit Jain
Oct 06 2017 13:31
Hey guys , actually i am learning ml from coursera and for practice where can i find datasets??
Oct 06 2017 13:35
Arun Kumar
Oct 06 2017 16:10
I have been given a data set which contains an ad campaigns impression, clicks and conversions. These meteics are vary by location, ad size, country, device, OS, browser, age, gender etc. How to analyse and suggest the optimisation
Eric Leung
Oct 06 2017 17:35
@990InziyaD in making a satellite? ML might be used in finding optimal dimensions or parameters to use in a satellite, I guess. ML is used generally in either finding patterns or making predictions on stuff. While using the satellite, you could use ML to find anomalies occuring.
@Shobhit1610 there's the UCI Machine Learning Repository or Kaggle
@arunkumar413 what are you trying to optimize on?