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Oct 2017
Oct 08 2017 03:24
hey! does anyone have any suggestions for building a class that loops over and applies a series of functions to a list of image files?
Oct 08 2017 07:09
This is exciting. Looking forward to Data Science on FreeCodeCamp
Oct 08 2017 09:53
@QuincyLarson :+1: !
Oct 08 2017 10:00
@dbrickma There are plenty of ways. I think you are dealing with a factory pattern but I am afraid you are not providing enough information. In any case I will suggest you to check how it is done in the language of choice by going through an internet search? If you are unsatisfied with the information you can find I would recommend you to read more about design patterns, I am sure you will find some useful insights.
Oct 08 2017 10:06
@arunkumar413 Sorry but I think I have provided enough information on my side. My personal suggestion is for you to visit Kaggle with your dataset or find a similar one and start practicing. Good luck!
Parminder Singh
Oct 08 2017 13:44
My article on my experience and learning while doing Data Science contests on Kaggle
I hope it helps in getting started on Kaggle :-)