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Oct 2017
Oct 12 2017 08:19

@timjavins yes I am referring to the course but regarding a professional networking I am afraid not at the moment.

In my previous experience with Coursera, professional networking hasn't been a typical outcome - everyone is on his/her own. That doesn't mean it is not possible.

What I actually meant with my previous post was that the quality of the comments in the forum of the course by some of the participants is usually of high standard, sometimes complementing what you are getting from the course.

That is not a general trend in Coursera - some courses, even if of good quality, might not interest to high level students resulting in a forum full of low level questions and answers, or poorly used.

Eric Leung
Oct 12 2017 23:22
Some data viz goodness. The Netherlands mapped by its canals, streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds. All 1.3 million of them. Must have taken soo much time to generate this.