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Oct 2017
Alice Jiang
Oct 16 2017 01:17
If only... right?
Eric Leung
Oct 16 2017 02:18
Some solid advice for aspiring data scientists. The links they reference appear to cover a lot of frequent questions asked.
Mukesh Kumar Angrish
Oct 16 2017 10:46
Thanks for sharing
Oct 16 2017 14:07
@erictleung that is a nice one!
Akash Malla
Oct 16 2017 14:08
hello everyone!!
Akash Malla
Oct 16 2017 14:14
I am working on building a Resume Extractor
the main problem is from the text files resumes i want to extract
information such as education qualification ,skills...ect
so i thought of extracting each paragraph under qualification heading and skill
heading ....can anyone help me out with this mining becomes difficult....
Eric Leung
Oct 16 2017 16:01
@syam3526 as others have suggested, you have to find how you best learn efficiently. There are many ways to learn from. Another way you might learn quickly from is having a mentor who already does analytics.
@mallaakash what kind of resumes are you extracting from? PDFs? LinkedIn? Paper resumes?
These two websites seem promising on cataloging plotting in R and Python. There's some glitches while I was on them just now, but that might be from the traffic they're getting.
Akash Malla
Oct 16 2017 16:36
@erictleung what i have done is i have written a python code for converting pdf ,doc,docx formats of resumes to .txt files ... now i want to proceed further but dont know how to extract information of the applicant his skills, education from the resume ...which is in txt ...
here is a sample resume

Mumbai, Maharashtra - Email me on

Willing to relocate to: Mumbai, Maharashtra - Chennai, Tamil Nadu - Pune, Maharashtra


Treasurer, Biomedical Engineering Society of India (BMESI) -VIT Chapter
Biomedical Engineering Society of India - 2014 to 2015

Successfully carried out the role of maintaining the balance sheet to carry out different committee events.

Event Management - 2013 to 2014

Organized workshops on
○ Ventilators conducted by the Biomedical Company- MAQUET.
○ Syringe pump, portable ventilators, and blood warmer, conducted by Smiths Medicals
● Organized academic seminars - MATLAB and LabVIEW.

Engineering and Management (RACEM)
Core Cultural Council Member, Student Council - 2013 to 2013

Attended  the  workshop  on  User  Experience  Management  and  Usability  Engineering  conducted  by  iGATE
during the

Hospitality team member in the Annual College Cultural Festival
Core Cultural Council Member, Student Council - 2012 to 2013

● Carried out fun events in the fest and helped in the creativity.
● Hospitality team member in the Annual College Cultural Festival.


Bachelor in Engineering
Vidyalankar Institute of Technology  -  Mumbai, Maharashtra
2011 to 2016

BE in Biomedical Engineering
Mumbai University  -  Mumbai, Maharashtra
2011 to 2016

HSC in Science
Mumbai University  -  Mumbai, Maharashtra
2009 to 2011

Fatima High School  -  Mumbai, Maharashtra
1996 to 2009


Microsoft Office, MATLAB, AutoCad,TECHNICAL SKILLS ● Electronics: Basics of Arduino microcontroller
● Mechanics: Software- AutoCAD and Inventor Pro ● Software: MATLAB (Image Processing) ● Microsoft
Office (MSCIT Certification - 2009)


AMCAT Certified Business Analyst


Therapeutic Optimization of Heat Using LASER, IIT-Bombay 10th Dec […] June 2015
(Under the supervision of Prof. Rohit Srivastava and with the guidance of Prof. Mayur Sadawana, Department
of Biosciences and Bioengineering) 
● Developed a prototype for heat optimization of Nano Medicines using LASER and IR thermometer
● The solution is used in detecting and destroying the tumor cells using Photo thermal Therapy 
Delegate, International Undergraduate Research Symposium January 2015
● Poster presentation and Oral presentation of B.E. project at the 8th International Undergraduate
Research Symposium (IURS) organized by IIT-Indore in Goa, first time in India.
Eric Leung
Oct 16 2017 20:05

@mallaakash if you've got them into plain text files, then what you'll probably want to do is make sure that you've got some standard format of each of the resumes i.e. each has a name, work experience section, etc.

That way, it'll be easier to search through. Then you can just use regular expressions to search for what you want and exploit the inherent structure you've put into it.

Another thing to consider (might take some more effort) is to format them into JSON files according to this schema. That way, it'll be easier to consider what you might want to look for and then it'll be easier to search through. Good luck!