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Oct 2017
Arun Kumar
Oct 23 2017 09:11
I had gone through some of the data science tutorials but none of them teach how to choose the modelling
Oct 23 2017 09:54


In my experience, it is a question of practicing. There are also cases where some approaches are more recommended than others. In that case it is better to follow what the majority of researchers do.

In case there are several approaches to tackle one thing, and let's say you are using supervised models, then there are techniques for model comparison.

Hope this helps.

Oct 23 2017 13:26
Is anyone familiar with Big O?
Oct 23 2017 13:52
Hi @BananaCire what is exactly your problem with Big O?
Eric Leung
Oct 23 2017 17:15
@arunkumar413 I'd recommend this book if you're able to find it It is a very applied book (as the title suggests) and it will go over the modeling process in choosing the right model and optimizing it. I've only gotten through a little bit of it but it is a good start.
@arunkumar413 but I agree with @evaristoc. It does come with practice as well, especially when it comes to applying these models to a certain problem.