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Oct 2017
Oct 26 2017 07:06
how can i plot the line of M=9?
i have plot the function y = 2+x+x^2+x^3+x^4+x^5 but not this
Alice Jiang
Oct 26 2017 07:56
I'm on mobile and bit drunk so I can't be helpful to anyone right now so I'm sorry but anyone follow those viz Instagram accounts? Like maps of data by country? Wonder if I could do that and teach viz freaking at the same time and have more than myself as a follower :joy:
Oct 26 2017 08:36

@TemiLee I am afraid you will have to redo the y-axis limits for all the graphs to show more points. This is easy but it will make the other graphs to look too small. Does it has to be 9? Can that be a smaller value to show the same trend?

@becausealice2 I know people who can teach even if they are drunk but depends on the level of intoxication of course. Those Instagram and Pinterest are really nice!

Oct 26 2017 08:39
@mcbarlowe Really like the NHL stuff in tableau
Matthew Barlowe
Oct 26 2017 11:55
@Simmonds14 thanks! NHL stats were my gateway into data science and is still my first love although I don’t spend as much time on them as I’d like these days
Oct 26 2017 11:55
mcbarlowe sends brownie points to @simmonds14 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Oct 26 2017 14:17
@mcbarlowe what are you doing now then?
Matthew Barlowe
Oct 26 2017 14:19
@evaristoc just focusing on finishing up this data analyst course right now I’ll probably go back to more nhl stuff after that such as building my own stats database
Although I’ll probably be more focused on doing Kaggle stuff geared towards trying to find a job I hope