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Nov 2017
Josh Goldberg
Nov 02 2017 05:39 UTC
This chat is pretty good. I appreciate everyone’s activeness.
@evaristoc That fCC dataset sounds cool...I might check it out and see what I come up with. Can always use practice with a data.
Nov 02 2017 08:17 UTC
@GoldbergData nice! I am still to download and prepare a few more datasets. Some of them where about Google Analytics (for those who are interested).
Nov 02 2017 09:22 UTC


Who of you use BitTorrent frequently and for what?
Arun Kumar
Nov 02 2017 11:08 UTC
How to calculate the r squared value
Josh Goldberg
Nov 02 2017 12:22 UTC
@evaristoc awesome man.
Nov 02 2017 15:53 UTC

@arumkumar413 R-squared value is a basic concept in regression. I can not remember how it is calculated by hart, but there is plenty information about it online.

Why do you want to know?

Timothy Javins
Nov 02 2017 18:15 UTC
@evaristoc It seems like the open-source community is happy to use BitTorrent, and I'm happy to contribute to that. I use BitTorrent to participate in distributing Linux distros and other open-source things, as well as art where the artist purposely uses BitTorrent for distribution. The AFK documentary is a good example of art on BitTorrent. Of course, I also use it to get things that are difficult to get elsewhere. So sometimes it's first-choice while other times it's a last resort, which all boils down to a decision algorithm full of personal preference, affinities, and ethics.