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Nov 2017
Alice Jiang
Nov 15 2017 02:23 UTC
It's a good place to start... But D3 itself is still as complicated as we were explaining before
Eric Leung
Nov 15 2017 03:20 UTC
@becausealice2 agreed on the quantum. It's so fast!
Alice Jiang
Nov 15 2017 03:30 UTC
One of my data babies from FCC just got her first Data Engineering job I'm so proud :")
Matthew Barlowe
Nov 15 2017 03:39 UTC
Yeah I'll just be trying to find a simple data analyst job here soon
Josh Goldberg
Nov 15 2017 03:46 UTC
@becausealice2 no idea who that is. But congrats on the tweet reply.
@becausealice2 and I agree. Will probably still pick it up for fun.
Nov 15 2017 07:10 UTC

This is beautiful:

@NDuma do you??? I am trying to get that data to complete this project!

Where's his name?
what's up with a quote that doesn't name?
Gitter ... this is why I have a hard time using you.
Alice Jiang
Nov 15 2017 21:58 UTC
Just rediscovered Syncfusion. Accounts are free and gets you access to free ebooks, and I haven't noticed them as being an offender as far as blowing up my inbox with ads.... Definitely not on Packt's scale.
The book there, R Succinctly by Barton Paulson :+1:
Bart is one of my mentors and biggest fans. He's an awesome dude and his book is :ok_hand: and I'm not being paid for this... Not even earning ass-kissing points.
Nov 15 2017 22:13 UTC
:+1: ! Thanks
Nov 15 2017 23:06 UTC
Hi Guys, I am new to the chat room but I have been there on FCC for sometime. I was curious to know if you guys are pursuing a Data Scientist/Data Analyst jobs. If yes, what are the kind of projects that you are doing. I aimed for Data Analyst for quite some time but they tend to ask a lot of SQL,ETL, Data warehousing stuff. Did you guys also encounter this. It will be great to have any kind of inputs on this.
Nov 15 2017 23:19 UTC
@becausealice2 I guess only the first few books are free.
Josh Goldberg
Nov 15 2017 23:33 UTC
I’ll check out his book. Thanks for the referral! @becausealice2
Nov 15 2017 23:33 UTC
api offline
goldbergdata sends brownie points to @becausealice2 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
Alice Jiang
Nov 15 2017 23:40 UTC
Ah. I've only downloaded one, so I didn't realize. That's my bad.
Rhistina Revilla
Nov 15 2017 23:42 UTC
@rajathrao do you know what you
Oops didn't finish
Do you know what you want to do with data ?
There's data science part w
And then there's big data
So you can go from dataframelan
To something big like Hadoop and spark