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Nov 2017
Himanshu Chawla
Nov 21 2017 04:39
@evaristoc all my variables are categorical and while doing cross validation my kappa is coming as 0 , I checked variance among variables it was not 0 should I go ahead ignoring kappa. Any thoughts..
Nov 21 2017 07:41


There should be something wrong with your analysis. I would suggest to check the confusion matrix or the specific values (false positives/negatives, true positives/negatives) manually and see what it is going on wrong.

You are training only on the labelled data I guess.

Nov 21 2017 17:45
Can anyone here for help
Alice Jiang
Nov 21 2017 18:01
Depends on what kind of help you need @vipuldcoder
Himanshu Chawla
Nov 21 2017 18:08
@evaristoc yeah my classes were biased only 2% positive I did oversampling then performed now results are fine
Alice Jiang
Nov 21 2017 19:22
Anyone here have some solid JS and D3 V3 skills they wanna put to use helping me solve a problem of bad code?
Quincy Larson
Nov 21 2017 21:29
@evaristoc Looking forward to the emoji article :)