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Nov 2017
Nov 23 2017 15:21


You are invited to contribute with some analyses using the Big Dump 2015 on the Kaggle platform (registration required). Remember that you can also investigate the sample file in the repository of the freeCodeCamp's Open Data Initiative.

More to come...

Josh Goldberg
Nov 23 2017 16:16
Nice. So it’s live? @evaristoc
Nov 23 2017 18:00
Hello All
Nov 23 2017 21:09
Anyone here ?
Alice Jiang
Nov 23 2017 21:58
We all come and go. What's up @brentx97 ?
Nov 23 2017 22:03
Well i'm making a chatbot but i would like my chatbot to learn so ML
i installed NLKT
& Tensorflow
but i got problems with that neural network thing
Alice Jiang
Nov 23 2017 23:34
What neural network thing?