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Dec 2017
Alice Jiang
Dec 01 2017 01:53
Hi all! Just got back to my airbnb from seeing Alberto Cairo's Visual Trumpet presentation, and I have lots of goodies to share!
I haven't slept in a few days so I'm gonna wait until I get home to pass them along, sorry to tease
I will be speaking with someone from Northeastern University college of computer blahBlahblab tomorrow morning about their data science program. If anyone has any questions they want me to ask, speak up. Judging from the person's title, they'll only be able to answer more generic questions, but I can ask for contact info of people for more specific questions if needed.
Josh Goldberg
Dec 01 2017 04:32
@becausealice2 thanks for sharing
Dec 01 2017 04:33
goldbergdata sends brownie points to @becausealice2 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Eric Leung
Dec 01 2017 10:11
@becausealice2 awesome, looking forward to your insights! :smile: