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Dec 2017
Dec 12 2017 16:04 UTC
@becausealice2 nooo!! it is the first time I see your face in the avatar. Before there were also very nice figures about bears... Sorry! I had no intention to disturb you :( . I might have made a mistake...
@SpeakfreelyApp Sorry, I don't know any.
Arun Kumar
Dec 12 2017 17:05 UTC
Decision trees, logistic regression, random forests. How do we select which is the best v for a given scenario
Alice Jiang
Dec 12 2017 18:15 UTC
@evaristoc :p
Himanshu Chawla
Dec 12 2017 18:55 UTC
@arunkumar413 it completely brute force and based on your data
Matthew Barlowe
Dec 12 2017 20:42 UTC
Alice Jiang
Dec 12 2017 21:12 UTC
I just discovered Cloudera certifications... am I behind the times? Do these carry weight?
Alice Jiang
Dec 12 2017 22:36 UTC
I stand corrected: human authors using predictive text keyboards. Still
Dec 12 2017 23:41 UTC
  1. See what other people have done for a problem like yours. There are models that work better in different situations than others.
  2. Learn how to compare accuracy of different models.
  3. Learn more about your topic of research. The more you learn, the more you will know what works and what not.
  4. Practice.
@becausealice2 Fiuuuuu!
And how was it in Northwest???
Going to sleep! Take care everyone!!!