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Dec 2017
Alice Jiang
Dec 20 2017 22:10
Does anyone happen to have a simple way to turn a list of lat/long coords into a choropleth? I'm trying to avoid D3 since I just need a static image for a powerpoint
Timothy Javins
Dec 20 2017 23:45

In the US, there is a debate in the industry about the value of formal education, especially since it's super expensive and providing questionable value--especially for the cost. We're also looking at a near impossibility for pursuing master's and doctorate degrees under the rapid changes that the federal government is going through, generally in the direction of not helping anyone who can't already help themselves. In the US, it's turning into nearly impossible to get a doctorate or master's. That's what the smart people say, anyway.

@evaristoc @GoldbergData

So the industy leaders are aware of it. They hire more on capability than degree. We have a HUGE shortage of talent in this country and there seems to be a brain drain now, too.
I think anybody who actually knows their stuff can get work in the field they want. (I'm talking tech.)