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Dec 2017
Why is the code not working
       // Add your code below this line
       .attr("x", (d, i) =>;
       .attr("y", (d, i) => h - 3 - 3 * d);
Dec 24 2017 09:18 UTC

@huyingjie I think you need to append the selection?

If am not wrong, *.selectAll(...) is a virtual selection - that schedules the selection to an still non-existing element node but after the data-biding you need to create those elements. That is what *.append(...) does.

As far as I know, that's the common procedure - schedule, bind and create.
Dec 24 2017 10:37 UTC


A beeswarm chart with the approx date each emoji mentioned in the main chat was seen for the first time. There were about 950 different emojis, more or less. Some are not in the chart because the message didn't show a date.

Some of the the first most? You are going to laugh: :joy: and :) . There were four, all smiling faces.


The chart is being built with some interactivity.

A period between April and July/Aug 2016 was particularly active. The period coincides with the largest emojis update to date by
Dec 24 2017 16:01 UTC
Dec 24 2017 16:24 UTC
does anyone have experience with the dnn library darknet?
Dec 24 2017 17:53 UTC


A bit of an improve over my previous one. Going now. Have a nice festivity today, those who celebrate.


@deanhub2 no me. not even know C, sorry.

Yingjie (Iris) Hu
Dec 24 2017 18:29 UTC
@evaristoc Thank you. It works.
Dec 24 2017 18:29 UTC
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Dec 24 2017 18:40 UTC
Hi @all
Did anyone ever work on bio/lab Orange ?
Alice Jiang
Dec 24 2017 23:01 UTC
@evaristoc I love it :joy:
Eric Leung
Dec 24 2017 23:44 UTC
@deanhu2 never heard of it. Care to share why that package in particular? Would love to hear if there's any difference compared to more popular packages like Tensorflow. It sounds like it's just a little bit faster considering it's written in C, but I could be wrong.
Dec 24 2017 23:45 UTC
is there a difference between window size and kernel size in regards to convolutional neural layers? the api im using seems to have a confusing documentation
Eric Leung
Dec 24 2017 23:46 UTC
@Youness03 are you talking about I've never used or heard of it, but it's use case seems appealing to get people started quickly with data analysis.
Dec 24 2017 23:46 UTC
@erictleung im trying to translate a yolo implementation written using darknet into a neural network using tiny-dnn in c++...but having issues due to differences in the methods basically
also merry christmas all :)
im not sure about tensorflow iv honestly not tried it, it looks interesting....but not lightweight?