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Dec 2017
Eric Leung
Dec 27 2017 05:00
@huyingjie very cool! Thanks for sharing!
Dec 27 2017 05:00
erictleung sends brownie points to @huyingjie :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Yingjie (Iris) Hu
Dec 27 2017 05:02
@erictleung You are welcome. Welcome to add more shiny apps. I think shiny app is very slow and not a good tool to present interative graphs.
@erictleung Especially, the documentation for most projects made by shiny app is very poor. But it can be a good teaching tool.
Eric Leung
Dec 27 2017 08:29
@huyingjie agreed. But I guess it is a testament to how easy RStudio made Shiny apps to be. For statisticians and biologists who don't have any web development skills, creating a web application with Shiny is quite impressive.