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Dec 2017
Eric Leung
Dec 29 2017 01:23
@huyingjie haha so true. There are some non--default built-in themes available though They aren't perfect, but at least there's some variety. The lack of nice themes sounds like a niche waiting to be filled in (for whoever has the time).
Yingjie (Iris) Hu
Dec 29 2017 01:27
@erictleung I tried different themes several days ago. The difference of the themes are the color of the banners and buttons. None of knitr reports include banners and buttons. This means difference themes have the same style in fact.
Eric Leung
Dec 29 2017 04:12
@huyingjie yeah, so true. Fair enough haha.
Some nice solid advice on being a better data scientist ( One way to look at being a data scientist is having "the opportunity to sway company decisions" (given you're working in corporate).
  1. Don't just question your findings, question your data (:+1: YES!)
  2. Be able to concisely state the value of your findings (So true. If your insights could change the company for the better, but no one understand them, does it matter?)
  3. Know your business (You'll need to know the bigger picture and motivation of why you're doing the work)
  4. Manage up (at some point, you may need to start managing data science teams to help so getting managing experience may make you more valuable)
Timothy Javins
Dec 29 2017 05:46
Thanks @erictleung
Dec 29 2017 05:46
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Timothy Javins
Dec 29 2017 06:31
Dec 29 2017 11:00


Finding ways to show the rankings of the emojis in the main chat along the time (month).

Hard because there is a lot of emojis that where placed the same when only based on counts per month. So I chose an interactive chart for now. It doesn't help much the comparisons between emojis, but at least allows a self-comparison.


It will be part of the article I am trying to publish about emojis in the main room. Wish me luck!!!
Dec 29 2017 11:07
With this and the beeswarm, I finish the charts. I will make them available in my github pages. The project is one that could be improved even after publication so hope to hear opinions or even having some contributions. Keep you posted!
Dec 29 2017 23:51
Anyone here use OpenNLP at all...