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Jan 2018
Jan 09 2018 14:31
I think I found the error in my code (OMG!). This could be those which reached monthly top5 at least once, without camperbot.
  • :point_up:
  • :sparkles:
  • :clap:
  • :fire:
  • :metal:
  • :joy:
  • :eyes:
  • :trollface:
  • :balloon:
  • :wink2:, probably :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • :thumbsup:
  • :ship:
  • :coffee:
  • :smile:
  • :laughing:
  • :blush:
  • :alien:
  • :rage1:
  • :unamused:
  • :sob:
  • :worried:
  • :shipit:
  • :pensive:
  • :sweat_smile:
  • :wave:
Thanks @mstellaluna @huyingjie
Jan 09 2018 14:32
evaristoc sends brownie points to @mstellaluna and @huyingjie :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 306 | @mstellaluna |
:cookie: 291 | @huyingjie |
Jan 09 2018 14:40
This one :point_up: is with camperbot
I saw you, @linuxenko... :angry: :)
Ok. Back to work. See you!!
Svetlana Linuxenko
Jan 09 2018 14:47
@evaristoc haha :) I was watching how you are trying edit the emojy :wink
Jan 09 2018 16:30
@evaristoc yea yea .. i'd say that's accurate lol
the ship?? I dunno I never seen that one in the main room
I'm a major offender of clap, fire, eyes, trollface, coffee, sob, shipit, sad face,smile and wave
Jan 09 2018 16:51
@evaristoc question what happened to the :poop: emoji?
Kartik Mudgal
Jan 09 2018 16:51
@evaristoc How'd you scrape the data for this?
Alice Jiang
Jan 09 2018 18:16
@evaristoc Do I have to code the viz in D3? :'(
Jan 09 2018 18:17
@becausealice2 why not? more fun for you. lel
Alice Jiang
Jan 09 2018 18:18
D3 is evil
Jan 09 2018 18:40
@becausealice2 oh i thought you love it
Alice Jiang
Jan 09 2018 20:20
Does anyone really love JavaScript?
Svetlana Linuxenko
Jan 09 2018 20:23
yes )
Svetlana Linuxenko
Jan 09 2018 20:29
It is hard to believe, but there is a lot of people who love programming, not for the "money" everyone is talking around (I mean all the paid writers who write success stories and such fiction).
Abdallah Al-Shaikh Ali
Jan 09 2018 20:55
@becausealice2 d3 is awesome, it's just a tool, and you can use a raw svg to visualize data. And I do love js, the real js (vanilla js) not the frameworks js, even there are some awesome frameworks.
Alice Jiang
Jan 09 2018 21:37
It's not hard to believe, I was talking about JavaScript not programming, and I am very familiar with what D3 is and what it's capable of doing
Jan 09 2018 22:04
@becausealice2 i do. somehow i prefer to write vanilla js more than use jquery. I would not use it. but i would use react if i can use it.
Fábio Henriques
Jan 09 2018 22:43
Hey! :P how i get the dataset, for a college work?