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Jan 2018
Kartik Mudgal
Jan 12 2018 17:22
time to dig out the old AMD
well It is a rather obscure bug and as long as I don't download anything risky
@evaristoc thanks!
Jan 12 2018 17:23
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Jan 12 2018 23:56
var mindate = fetchedData[0][0],
    maxdate = fetchedData[fetchedData.length - 1][0];

 var xScale = d3
    .domain([mindate, maxdate])
    .range([0, 700]);

    console.log(xScale(fetchedData[3][0]))  //NaN
I am trying to figure out how to scale my time with d3. I understand that scaleTime is a function that should accept a date within the range of [mindate, maxdate] however it logs NaN when passed a date