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Jan 2018
Jan 19 2018 15:51
@ShionAt hello, please be aware advertisements are not allowed in any of the FreeCodeCamp rooms as per our code of conduct viewable at Please remove the advertisement. I know its an ad because I saw you post the same thing in the docker rooms.
Jan 19 2018 19:43
@ShionAt its not what i mean, please remove the product video you posted. its considered as an advertisement
Jan 19 2018 21:38
@ShionAt We really understand your situation. There are many people who might want to promote either their own products or from other people. However, unfortunately the policy of the freeCodeCamp chatroom is clear : avoid any commercial ads. I am sure there are certainly other ways. Please consult with the moderators before trying an action of this kind again? It is possible that a solution can be reached just by talking.