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Jan 2018
Vishal G.
Jan 25 2018 04:54
@texas2010 yeo
Jan 25 2018 16:40


I have an idea of a project for someone who would like to investigate more about job trends in freeCodeCamp?

For this project we are not going only to work with analytics - it is a full research, where we will have to read some posts and blogs. It will require an investigation of material posted on twitter, medium, youtube and some other social-media platforms.

The person should have interest in social research. The selected tool for the job is Python, intermediate.

This project is not paid: the final goal is an article on Medium and some visualizations.

Neenad Ingole
Jan 25 2018 19:56
@evaristoc its a cool idea and I am interested, I am a Java person but can contribute to this idea. We can discuss further 🙂
Jan 25 2018 21:45
Hello. Does anyone have any links/articles to learn more about clickstream data analysis using ML/DL?
Eric Leung
Jan 25 2018 22:46
@becausealice2 nice! Reviewing of statistics is always good :+1: I occasionally need it myself.