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Jan 2018
Jan 26 2018 00:47
Hey everyone. I would like to know what it's the initial kit that a data scientist has to master/understand on the beginning.
Phyton/R, background on statistics, data visualization, what else?
Alice Jiang
Jan 26 2018 01:31
@Wvictor07 That's kind of like asking what a programmer needs to understand. There's an astronomical number of possible answers.
The first thing you need to understand going into data science is that it's an enormous field full of masters of individual topics all working on teams
Well, mostly working on teams. The best data science is done as a team sport, from everything I've ever observed or been told
Alice Jiang
Jan 26 2018 01:55
Hèlen Grives
Jan 26 2018 03:35
@Wvictor07 the first thing is asking the right questions and understanding the problem at hand. Then figure out the right tools you need. Does it need to be solved in a certain way. Otherwise one only produces a sea of the same old noice.
Jan 26 2018 20:55
@ninadingole Hi! Ok! I will send you a private one?
Jan 26 2018 21:15


There are many resources out there describing the best path. One option I still use sometimes is this one:

The described path I am sharing is based on the opinion of the author. It is extensive and that might overwhelm you. There are other sites and bloggers suggesting less extensive options with a more introductory approach, but in general all guard similarities between them.

I invite you to go through the link as well as other sources and make your own evaluation.

Hope that helps?

Deadline Mar 15, 2018. I guess only eligible for PhD students in the USA too. See link for more details.

Applicants must be full-time students who are enrolled in a Ph.D. program, and in their third year or higher during the 2018-2019 academic year.