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Jan 2018
Eric Leung
Jan 27 2018 01:54

@Wvictor07 good luck in your journey to be a data scientist! When I saw "initial kit", I thought of "foundations". Doing a quick search on the topic, I came across a "textbook" called "Foundations of Data Science", which was written with this intention:

With this in mind we have written this book to cover the theory likely to be useful in the next 40 years, just as an understanding of automata theory, algorithms and related topics gave students an advantage in the last 40 years. One of the major changes is the switch from discrete mathematics to more of an emphasis on probability, statistics, and numerical methods.

Also came across "Data 8: The Foundations of Data Science", a UC Berkeley (in California, US) course that focuses on inferential thinking, computational thinking, and real-world relevance. There appears to be a wealth of information (e.g. slides, assignments, and readings) along with a free online book "Computational and Inferential Thinking: The Foundations of Data Science", which includes interactive Jupyter notebooks and data. Lastly, for a more R twist on data science, there's "R for Data Science" by Hadley Wickham of tidyverse fame, which has been mentioned several times in this room.

Sorry if that was a lot to take in, but I was curious of those materials and they appear to be solid resources.

@Wvictor07 but to really address your question on initial kit, I'd add in understanding the driving question of why you're analyzing these data aka domain knowledge. There's always a driving question you're trying to answer when looking at data, so all your methods and decisions should be dependent on your question or motivation. For example, working at a hospital and using data to try and lower mortalities will involve different methods and thinking compared to if you're trying to increase profit margins at a company.
Eric Leung
Jan 27 2018 02:00
@evaristoc nice share on the learning plan! I haven't seen that before and I'm impressed by its granularity in stratifying by various levels of "data scientists" and it's comprehensiveness in covering many, many topics!
Jan 27 2018 09:07

@erictleung yes I agree with you on that, although interestingly it is never quite perfect :) . I am sure depending who you ask there are who might come with a different syllabus.

And thanks for sharing those too!!

Jan 27 2018 09:07
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Jan 27 2018 15:45


Ok. To let you know we might have started with at least two projects this year. The first one goes as follows:
Jan 27 2018 15:56


An old fCC student, @ThiagoFerreir4, wrote the following post long time ago:

Well if it helps in any way, once I focused on one thing I liked(Front-end) things got way better to the point a got a job recently, and I started with FCC this January with no past web dev experience

He left this comment on 2015-10-07 to someone else in the chat back in 2015 some months before disappearing from the freeCodeCamp radar. Thiago was a missed guy, he was a very popular one in the main chatroom. Still, everyone was really happy about him.

He made it.

As him, there were few others that left after finding jobs. I found some between 100 and 300 who announced finding jobs in the chat room since its inauguration. Those about 300 are not a complete list though. There are many reasons to suggest the number could be bigger. Just to mention one reason, there are some who never announced or even participate in the chatroom. It may be hard to come with an actual figure.

However this project is not exactly about making an statistics. It is actually about trying to answer the following question:

What made them different to others so they managed to get a job at the end? Can we construct a profile of the "successful" self-taught (web) developer? How that profile would look like?

There are already obvious answers to that question.

But can we find more? Perhaps overlook details that might give a more comprehensive picture of that profile?

This project consists in a research phase, followed by an article and if everything goes fine a visualization-based page characterizing those profiles.

Jan 27 2018 16:44


I am going to give you less details about this project because it is still too early but I can tell that it will explore health issues. The data to be used will be similar to the one above. As soon as we start and see if there is no problem to comment I will come back to you with more details.

Jan 27 2018 17:01

So far we are 3 people signed to work on both projects above in their initial phases (research). It is likely but not necessarily that I will write the articles. As long as the projects progress we could see how we will deal with the visualization section.

None of the projects is about Big Data or similar but they are in fact data driven. Another difference is that for those 2 projects the resulting information won't be for business/research decision making: the target group we want to reach is the general public. However there are few by-products I would expect from the projects:

  • strengthening our ability to formulate questions and to design ways to respond those questions with the data on hand
  • continuously refining our data manipulation skills
  • the use of different technologies combined
  • clearly communicate results to the chosen target group, in written and as visualizations, finding the best, cost-effective technical and aesthetical methods for that end
  • getting ready for more difficult tasks

The success of our work should be evaluated in terms of exposure. For example:

  • the project should be featured in medium freecodecamp as minimum
  • the resulting projects should be featured in other technical online magazines

Let's start simple hoping that working on these ideas will bring us to much more complex and challenging tasks in the future. However...

I think there is the time to think big, people. We are ready.

OK. I will contact soon a few of you who I think could help with some other aspects of the projects.

Stay around!!!

Jan 27 2018 17:06

finally but not last...

Please share your ideas or interests!!!!

If you are interested in joining any of the projects above or want to know about other ideas I have,

don't hesitate to contact me!!

We will evaluate possibilities together.

Jan 27 2018 17:11
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