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Feb 2018
Josh Goldberg
Feb 01 2018 00:01
Great shares. Thanks Alice!
Feb 01 2018 11:01


This could be a good sign:

The person who made the kernel is someone from Kaggle. It might be the way Kaggle says they liked the dataset.

There are LOTS of things that can be done with this dataset and many others we have in fCC. If those datasets are in some way related to your expertise or interest, TAKE YOUR CHANCES. The potential to be associated to fCC/Kaggle when developing products based on those datasets are high.

It could be better than only working on the Titanic dataset, if you know what I mean.

Feb 01 2018 12:55
@evaristoc thanks. I'm reading it...
Feb 01 2018 12:55
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Josh Goldberg
Feb 01 2018 15:03
@evaristoc this is great!
Alice Jiang
Feb 01 2018 21:25
Oh that hit me right in the feels. I miss rphares.