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Mar 2018
Quincy Larson
Mar 22 2018 01:52
@evaristoc Wow - just looking at that bar chart you shared, I can already tell this is going to make one heck of a Medium post!
Mar 22 2018 02:12
Hey guys, I have a dataset in which workplace is one column. The format for the data there is city,state. Eg: Seattle,Washington.
How can I encode it from 1-50 just based on state's name?
I am running it in Python
Josh Goldberg
Mar 22 2018 03:02
Nice work @evaristoc
Mar 22 2018 11:32
@GoldbergData @QuincyLarson :)
Mar 22 2018 11:38

@sabin20 I am sorry, but you are asking again a question that is very similar to the ones you asked before? I would suggest to check our previous discussions and take a few minutes to practice and understand what those methods do. Try to get comfortable with working with categories and encodings.

The only new aspect of the question is separating city from state, which you can do with python split. You might need a new column with the state and for that I would suggest to check how to work with apply in pandas.

Eric Leung
Mar 22 2018 16:33
For dataviz peeps, I found the second visualization here to be beautiful and fascinating, "Average ‘First Leaf’ Appearance" in the USA
habeeb adewale hassan
Mar 22 2018 20:38
Hello Everyone,
What is the advantage of using Unix (gnuplot) over Python (matplotlib)?
Josh Goldberg
Mar 22 2018 21:41
Awesome share. NYT killing the viz game. @erictleung
Mar 22 2018 22:53
@eyecrack I have used gnuplot in the past. In my opinion, there is only a few aspects where I found advantages, specially I found its syntax easier and possibly of use when you have some data you want to plot quickly. It is also much more lightweight than matplotlib. But currently matplotlib is evolving rapidly and getting more advanced. Also the capabilities for gnuplot to manage data are not that good, in my opinion.