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Mar 2018
Kartik Mudgal
Mar 28 2018 07:55
I've given up and finally dual boot-ed debian on my pc because PyTorch
but still anybody know if there's a viable installation for it on windows?
Alice Jiang
Mar 28 2018 14:49
What resources do you guys recommend for me to refresh on the data pipeline
Google searches are coming up about a foot and a half short for me so far this morning....
Eric Leung
Mar 28 2018 21:46
@becausealice2 can you elaborate on what you mean by "data pipeline"? In terms of processing pipelines? Or something more specific? Or just general articles?
@Sprinting congrats on finally setting PyTorch up! Setting up programs can be the worst. I haven't installed it yet, but I'd switch to Linux anyways to make life a bit easier. Although I use a Windows computer daily for some work, I still don't have a complete grasp on how to make these command line tools and such easy to use :frowning: